My Time as a Blogger

As 6th grade is ending, there will be highlights to remember one of these highlights are being apart of the edu-blog challenge.

Being apart of this challenge was helping to be more constructive on your writing on your blog and on comments. There are pros and cons about using edublogs.


  • making new internet friend
  • learn to write better with blogs and comments
  • expressing what you think
  • do creative things every week
  • explore what other people say.. (to agree or not)


  • not good for younger kids
  • some blog’s could not be too influential
  • widgets are very distracting on the min point of blogs.

This was a big highlight and I loved being apart of this challenge.

Weekly News Interview

Hello and my interview is with my dad the questions that I asked are in the week 10 post.  I am just going to pu the answers that my dad gave me on my blog.

these questions are in order…

1. He liked ho orginized my blog was and the soft bagie backround.

2. Red and white side notes and the Big KRISTIN’S BLOG.

3. The widgets on my sidebar were distracting.

4. have a way to go to specfic places on my blog especially to dates.

Around the week 9

I did the week 9 challenge and I went to many different blogs and I went to Jenny’s blog and a ton of other blogs, but I liked her’s because of how she like to prevent pollution. I went to Andrew’s Blog as well and I liked how he got to try out new sites with his class. Other blogs like Lamb’s, Kate’s and L.O.L’s blog they were just totally cool in general!!

(Almost all the blogs are in my oversea’s blog except for one)

visit their blog’s for fun and interesting things!!!

Game Time

In this post, I am answering to Activity 3 on the Week 8 challenge; Game preperation. Tne question were… 1. What sites have you joined on the internet?   2. How much information did you give them when you joined?   3. Have you filled in more than the *asterisk questions?  Well, I have joined sites like gmail and youtube and I didn’t give a lot information usually what I just do is give a fake name and identity so nothing bad will happen. When I join nothing will happen to me or my records or sorts like that. I’ve never really had to many asterisk questions because of the fake identity that I give.  Other questions on the activity are…   1. What did you find?   2. Are you on the web for sports teams, named in newspapers and where else?   3.  How many cookies or footprints are you leaving behind? The answer to those questions are I didn’t find much because what I am doing is not affecting anyone. No I never been in any thing on the web if you mean my picture and what my actual identity is. But sports teams i’ve been on but not in newspaapers just local. I don’t know how many cookies/footprints I am leavin g behind because of what I have said before. Those are my answers to the week 8 challenge.

Argos Important People

My paragraphs are about the famous Greek people called Phidias and Homer My group is Argos and these are the people that we researched over our big project.


3.  Homer was an Epic Poet. He created the greatest poetry of all time Iliad and the Odyssey. He was remembered because of the two pieces of poetry Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad is about a young sheperd named Paris that really was the son of King Priam ruler of Troy that went to Sparta and stole King Mee Helen and the war that followed. The Odyssey is about a man named Odysseus and his adventure returning home from the Trojan War. It tells of all the what he faced through his long and lonely road home to his wife Penelope and child Telemachus. The obstacles include the Cyclopes, Sirens, Helios’ cattle, Charybdis, Scylla, and killing all the Suitors at his house. He has impacted beyond time because now he challenges other poets (even blind) to be the best that they can be and be even greater poets than he was.


3. Phidias was a Famous Sculpture and painter. Phidias was an Athenian sculptor, the son of Charmides. He built the statue of Athena and the materials were ivory and gold.
Phidias was the overall architect of the Parthenon.
His Famous creation of Zeus in his temple in Olympia. Phidias is very important because of his offering to the Gods and Goddess. He is well remembered because of his remarkable statues and what he has created for the world to see in the future.  He is now and forever will be known as the famous sculptor of Athena in her temple and Zeus in his temple in Olympia. He made an impact because of his way of doing things.

Agros Goddess

Agros Document:

If you didn’t get all the facts on the animoto or if you needed more info..

Agros Goddess Animoto:


Demeter  and Persaphone’s Legend
Demeter is the Goddess of agriculture, fertile and seasons. She is the sister of Zeus. When she was older she had an affair with Iason. Soon she had a daughter named Persaphone she was very beautiful and precious to Demeter more than anything. One day she was picking flowers and singing lovely songs until Hades kidnapped her! She was forced into the Underworld and put into jail as a prisoner. Hades offered her food, but she heard a legend  that if she ate anything from the Underworld she would be there forever. It has been a week and she is starving her hunger increases everyday, Demeter worrying where she went where she has gone. Zeus found out that Hades took her. So they made a deal that Persaphone had to marry Hades and then her mother could see her during Spring, Summer and Fall. They agreed to the deal and whenever Persaphone came back home to see her mother all the flowers were blooming and pretty, but when it was winter Demeter would always weep and be sad and make everything ugly and sad. That was the story of Demeter and Pherasphone.

Aphrodite’s Story

Aphroditie was born from the sea foam or Zeus. She is the Goddess of love and kindness. Of course her being the Goddess of Love she fell in love with many men. Some of them were Eros (The God of Love), Rhodos, Herophilus, Hermaphroditus, Priapus, and Aneas. She had to marry the ugly God of Fire Hephaestus. She loved the God of war Ares and soon married him. She also fell in love with males besides Gods like Adonis he was a mortal and his name in English was translated into male beauty. He was a hunter and strong too. He soon died of hunting which caused Aphrodite a great cause of greef and sadness. She soon got over it and fell in love with other men while helping other ladies and men with their luck of love.

Too much work not enough fun

In Week 7 post, The student challengers told us to show our creativity.  So here is a picture of what I did on the computer called


This symbolizes that pineapple’s can be pointy and fun to eat.

This picture is one of my showings of creativity. I got my inspiration from

Natalie’s drawing because her person’s head looked like a pineapple.

I created this on odopod

I created this jasmine flower on odopod as well and I just really love Jasmine flowers and I didn’t know what else to do. But it just has a pretty touch and it makes a good presentation to it. It was really hard to make but it was totally worth it.

Working with Wonders?

This Week 6 challenge we are thinking ahead to our future. For example what type of work would you want to do once you leave school. I am answering to what would my dream job be.  My dream job would be  an actress. I would love to get paid millions a day doing what you honestly love. Especially when you were a kid you would dress-up and pretend when your an actor/actress you can pretend all the time and become famous and well known. My dream job is to be an actress